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Check List for Transformer

Er. Parbhakar Dwivedi


Check List for Transformer Document Ref. No. 2.3
Contractor: Client:
Project: Location:
Reference Drawing no:
Check List (Please tick mark in appropriate column)
Check Points Observations
Contactor/ Vendor Client
Check name plate details with the specifications.
Check for any physical damage during transit
Check tightness of all bolts, clamps and connecting terminals.
Check cleanliness of bushings.
Check whether breather line is free, silica jel is reactivated, oil is available at the bottom
Check for oil leakage and oil level.
Check for clearances, particularly in case of bus ducts
Check all transformer protection relays
Check Water tightness of terminal boxes and bus ducts.
Ensure that all cooler and cooler header valves are opened.
Check the release of air from bushings - buchholz relay.
Check the bushing horn gaps.
Check that the transformer is correctly installed with reference to its Phasing.
Test the transformer oil for dielectric strength, tan-delta, acidity, resistivity and dissolved gases.
Capacitance and tan-delta test of condenser type bushings, before Assembly.
Test the bushing oil for dielectric strength.
Test the transformer for the following :
Voltage / turns ratio at all the taps
Winding resistance at all the taps
Short circuit impedance at full winding
Magnetic balance at full winding
Core loss at service tap at low voltage
Capacitance and tan-delta
IR and PI
Vector group test
Phase sequence test
Current Transformers
Continuity test
Polarity test
Insulation resistance tests
Magnetization characteristics
Rough ratio test
Secondary winding resistance
Check Line connection as per phasing diagram
Check Winding Resistance
Check Insulation resistance of control wiring
Core loss test
Buchholz relay operation (for alarm and trip)
OLTC control indicating and alarm circuits
Operation test of all protective devices and interlocks
Calibration of temperature indicator (oil & winding) and temperature relays
Cooling System
Fan motor rating & fan mounting (wherever applicable).
Oil pumping equipment (wherever applicable)
Operation of valves
Operation of flow switches
Operational test of cooling equipment
Check fan motors for insulation, continuity, vibrations and temperature rise, and direction of rotation.
Test on operation & earth fault relays on high voltage side
Test on line directional elements of high voltage line relays
Tests on over current relays on low voltage side
Test on operation & stability of earth fault relays on L.V. side
Tests on operation of stand by earth fault on L.V. side
Test on over current relay on H.V. side (When current transformers are not in transformer bushing)
Voltage compensation
Ratio Tests
Tripping Test
H.V. Testing
L.V. Testing
Inter tripping
Winding Tripping
Insulation Test
On H.V. & L.V. windings
On Current & voltage transformer, circuits etc.
Load Test
Tap changing Test (To check mechanism, indication, buzzer lamp etc.)
Tap changing Test on load for full range of Taps
Dielectric Test
Check for the following Safety provisions:
Insulation mats
First Aid charts
First box
Danger Boards
Fire extinguishers
Portable CO2 (IS 2878-1976)
Dry chemical (IS 2171-1976)
Foam type fire extinguisher (for Transformer room)
Fire buckets (IS 2546-1974)
Standard Tool box
Caution boards (for use such as ‘man online’ ‘don’t switch on’ etc.)
Key Board (Tagged castel keys and all other keys of sub-station and allied area)
General remarks, if any




Checked by:____________________________ (Site Engineer) Signature:

Date :

Review and approval by: CM/ PM


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PD Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Transforming construction for a new generation "Cost, Quality & Project management"

QS & Cost management, Bill Checking / Audit, Technical Auditors, Valuation, Contract and Tendering, Project Management, Project Planning, Quality Control, Consulting Engineers, Structural Consultancy